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About our owners:

John & Deb Angeloni

John and Deb Angeloni started Sunset Hill Farm Equestrian Center in 1988 and have been helping horses and their riders be their very best since then.  Because we live on the property, you can rest assured that your horse is getting the attention that he/she needs.

About our trainer:

Jackie Wood

Jackie has a wealth of equine experience.  She is an equine enthusiast and an accomplished rider and instructor.  Amongst her extensive riding education, she trained intensively in England and Ireland.  She has competed successfully in both the Amateur Owner Hunters as well as the Jumpers prior to turning professional.

With her over 20 years of equine experience as a veterinary technician working for Fairfield Equine and Dunbarton Equine, Jackie is skilled in all aspects of equine veterinary medicine, including lameness, emergencies and surgeries. 

Jackie began DE Nutrition, an equine nutrition consulting group to enhance the well-being of our equine partners.  She understands that the horse's fitness and nutrition are of paramount importance to building and maintaining a successful, happy equine.

Jackie has dedicated herself to learning both on and off the horse and sharing that knowledge with her happy clients.

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